Authentication flow when transfer calls

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An authentication code is an identifier used to verify identity or to validate the authenticity of data This Authentication flow is designed to support companies which use authentication code to authorise information filed online and is the equivalent of a company such as username, password, account code...

  • Queue Management > Choose a queue > three dashed icon > Transfer calls
  • Fill in the details:
    • Authen Code: to which the system will transfer (eg: 123).
    • Current call uuid: $.session.uuid
  • Click Save.
  • When an incoming call comes in > Agent picks up the call and starts talking:
  • Agent transfers Calls by pressing ##2
  • System will ask the caller to enter the username and password:
    • "Please input your account number" caller has to input their account number (eg: 123533,...) press #;
    • "Please input your password" caller has to input their password (eg: 909090,...) and press #.
  • The call continues if the code is VALID, or comes back to the agent if the code is INVALID.

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