Checklist: After Purchasing Virtual Line

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Below is a checklist of steps to take after purchasing a Virtual Line subscription:

  1. Understand commands in Virtual Line. (below). 
  2. Set up a call flow 
  3. Assign DID to call flow 
  4. Set up scheduler
  5. Integrate into your CRM
    1. Freshdesk 
    2. HTTPS Notification
    3. Webhook
    4. Zendesk
    5. AgileCRM

Commands in Virtual Line:

  • Gather input: add instructional/greeting message  to gather input of callers (e.g. extension number or passcode) so that they can be connected to the right person/department directly.  
  • Transfer call: forward calls to phone numbers directly 
  • Record missed calls and notify: set missed call notification and allow callers to leave voicemail and you will receive this voice message via your e-mail.
  • Play message only: add or attach an automated message for your callers to hear
  • Set condition: set some specific rules to forward the calls
  • Confirm: allow your customer to press 1 confirm their action or press any digit to come back the previous step
  • Webhook: deliver Virtual Line data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately.

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